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  • SC208
    Micro emulsion product exclusively for heavy duty processing of ferrous metal
  • SC203
    High performance general purpose semi synthetic product developed exclusively for aviation materials (doesn’t contain S, CL)
  • SC303
    Fully synthetic product with long period rust protection for processing ferrous metal
  • SC205
    Environment friendly micro emulsion product designed for processing profile aluminum used in 3C industry (doesn’t contain S, CL)
  • SC309
    Fully synthetic cutting fluid for high speed processing of aluminum alloy.
  • SC206
    Mirco emulsion product developed for sensitive nonferrous metal (doesn’t contain S, CL)
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Scoop Lubricant Co., Ltd, a technology base company specializes in high quality metal working fluids as well as lubricants’ research & development and production. After introducing advanced technology and formula from Europe meanwhile making careful study of the domestic market, then make improvements and innovation on imported technologies, the products are of European quality and also meet domestic situation. 
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